Work in progress

2012-06-17 19:30:55 by PillowKisser

Just finished laying down the color flats for this. It's part of an art trade I've been slowly working on between other projects for a while now. Don't know when I'll get around to finishing it, but it's something fun to work on whenever I get the chance!

Not really updated here in a little while, does this kind of thing merit making blog posts for? Or should I just keep these things on my tumblr? =/

Work in progress


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2012-06-17 20:00:10

We should trade FB likes cuz ur hentai is awesome. /johnnydeanmusic I'll like bac.

PillowKisser responds:

Ha thanks =P unfortunately I don't have a facebook page or anything >__> on twitter though if you're on there!